Assisted Living, Nursing Home, and Adult Day Care in Atlanta and Vinings, Georgia

At Summerset, we’re committed to providing compassionate care for all of the residents of our assisted living and nursing home community. Our programs offer a range of care levels, from adult day care to respite care to memory care, ensuring you or your loved one enjoys a program best suited to their individual needs.

Enjoy Natural Light and Family-Style Living

Summerset Assisted Living Community of Atlanta, GA has been carefully designed and constructed to allow an abundance of natural light throughout the building. Our assisted living facility offers an environment of family style living that will make Atlanta and Vinings residents feel right at home. Various centers of life—including a courtyard, gardens, walkways, a fountain, a goldfish pond, flowering shrubbery, and trees—are strategically positioned throughout our assisted living community so residents can enjoy their surroundings. The architecture is clean and open, yet traditional enough to offer a warm and friendly environment.

Feel free to browse our web page and see why our Atlanta and Vinings assisted living residents prefer the family-style care offered at Summerset Assisted Living! For more information, speak to one of our team members at (470) 231-2357.

Our Featured Assisted Living & Nursing Home Programs

At Summerset Assisted Living, we strive to honor the individuality of each of our residents. We understand that every person has unique preferences—whether it’s how you like your coffee or how you fill your days. We also understand that no two residents’ care plans look exactly alike. That’s why we offer various programs and multiple levels of care at our senior living community. Each program is designed to provide just the right level of assistance with activities of daily living, ensuring that you remain as independent as possible in your retirement while receiving dignified care where you need it. Our assisted living and nursing programs offer two levels of care—Helping Hands and Tender Loving Care. Not sure which one is right for you or your loved one? Our staff members are happy to walk you through what each program offers and help you select the right one to fit your needs and preferences.

Adult Day Care Program

In addition to offering long-term care, we are also proud to offer senior citizens living in the Atlanta area with adult day care. Our adult day care program is specially designed for those who seek companionship and daily assistance without the need for the accommodations of residential care. The seniors involved in our adult day care program enjoy a plethora of recreational activities, delicious meals, social events, medication monitoring, and select transportation services.

Memory Care Community

At Summerset Assisted Living, we also provide memory care services to those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. We believe that each of our residents should experience the same quality of life and individualized personal care services, regardless of their condition. Our memory lane program is the perfect place for those living with memory loss to create a more vibrant present, with engaging daily activities designed to stimulate memories, make emotional connections, calm anxiety, and lessen irritability.

Summerset Outdoors

Our Services

The on-site services and amenities we offer set Summerset apart from other assisted living facilities. From chef-cooked meals to daily activities, we provide many benefits to our Vinings and Atlanta area residents.

Summerset Outdoors

Our Resident Life

As an assisted living community, our goal is to provide the best care for our residents, including enhanced, respite, and memory care options. We respect our residents’ independence but provide needed health care and support.

summerset dinning room

Our Accommodations

The family style care and accommodations at Summerset differentiate us from other assisted living communities in Atlanta and Vinings. Enjoy all the comforts of home, wellness programs, adult day care, home-cooked meals, and more.

  • Aggression and Anger Blog

    Addressing Aggression and Anger in a Loved One with Dementia

    Over the 20 years that Summerset Assisted Living Community has worked with families to provide a Home Away from Home for their loved ones, we’ve learned a lot. We’ve managed all types of scenarios related to aging and caregiving. While none have been easy, one of the hardest has been watching loved ones deal with the decline associated with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Our staff is trained and experienced with all stages, so we weather the manifestations with a different view. Knowing this, we felt it’s important to focus on the unexpected aggression and anger we’ve navigated with residents with dementia. In this blog, we’d like to share a few tips on how relatives can approach this issue with their loved ones. Understanding Causes When a loved one begins displaying aggression and anger, it can be due to many reasons. But, primarily it means they’re physically uncomfortable or confused by something outside their control. What does this mean? According to, these causes are due to one of the following: Physical Discomfort | They may be in pain, tired, thirsty or hungry. Are they experiencing side effects from a medication? Situational Discomfort | They may be overstimulated by environmental factors such as loud noise or big crowds. Do they need to have a set schedule for appointments and visits? Communication Issues | They may be confused by what you’re saying or telling them. Are you speaking to them in way that’s understandable? Managing Aggression and Anger By understanding causes of the aggressive and angry behavior, we can be more effective at managing the loved one’s environment to try to limit the episodes. Take a look below at options of limiting physical and situational issues. Effective Response Strategies To limit physical related discomfort, pay attention to medication side effects, sleep schedules and food and fluid intake. To limit situation discomfort based on environmental factors, pay attention to noise, light, group sizes and time of day. To limit issues related to communication, be sure to speak simply, calmly and listen with understanding and patience. It’s also always a good idea to not schedule any activities or interactions late in the day, most people with dementia and Alzheimer’s function best in the morning hours. Summerset’s Memory Lane Program The Summerset Respite Care Program offers the same quality family style care provided throughout our Assisted Living Program. Our Memory Lane program offers a safe and attentive environment for those persons in need of assistance and being treated for dementia. Additional Information. As you consider care options for your loved one, you can rest assured that Summerset’s premiere community is one where guests will enjoy an environment that makes them feel at home. Learn more about Summerset. Don’t forget to follow us on social media and sign-up for our blog to stay up to date. ________________________________________________________________________ Your Home Away from Home | Located in Atlanta, Georgia, Summerset Assisted Living Community is focused on providing top quality, excellent, compassionate care for those we serve. Schedule a......

  • Your Home Away from Home

    Your Home Away from Home | Summerset’s Respite Care Program the Answer for Caregivers

    Summerset Assisted Living Community prides itself on being our residents’ Home Away from Home. We make it a priority to make all our guests, rather long-term or short-term, feel comfortable while staying with us.  While most of our residents stay in our community full-time, our Respite Care Program provides an as-needed option for others who don’t need 24-hour care every day....

  • Seniors and Veterans New Rules For Housing and Care interview on Jazz 91.9

    Seniors and Veterans | New Rules for Housing and Care

    Summerset Assisted Living Center’s CEO Mack Willis, Sr. recently sat down for an on-air radio interview with Jazz 91.9’s Kiplyn Primus for The Local Take on WCLK. Mr. Willis shared valuable information on changes affecting seniors and veterans when it comes to housing and care....

  • What you need to know about advance care planning

    What’s Your Advance Care Plan?

    Advance care planning can be confusing.  While advance care plans are designed to simplify medical care and guide decisions for treatment, many of the tools used in advance care planning can be complex. In this month’s Summerset Assisting Living Community blog, we want to cover a few of these documents and how you can use them to guide your or a loved one’s medical care....

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