Newsletter June 2015

June 2015 – Summer Times

Our Centenarians

There is a rare club at Summerset.  It is the Centenarian Club.  To be a member, one must be at least 100 years old.  Also, to be a member and be active is marvelous.  What a blessing!!

Summerset June 2015 Newsletter

Newsletter Feb 2015

February 2015 – Summer Times

When I See Children, I Think: What a Wonderful World!

The residents are often graced by the beauty of children coming in to see the residents, entertaining them, and interacting with them. Most recently, Beecher Hills Elementary School came with an orchestra, singers, as well as dancers. They were magnificent. They were kicking their heels while singing: “It Don’t Mean a Thing, If It Ain’t Got That Swing…”. What a group! The children even had some of ou rresidents dancing.

Summerset February 2015 Newsletter

Newsletter May 2014

May 2014 – Summer Times


Twelve years ago, a resident was reading the newspaper in the sunroom at Summerset, when she noticed a familiar smile as a staff member was approaching her. She asked the staff member, if she had heard of Lionel Richie.

Summerset May 2014 Newsletter

Newsletter - 2012

September 2012 – Summer Times

If you were born in “1912”, it was a “Leap Year.”

If you were born in September of that year, you were born under the star sign of Virgo. You have a choice of either Aster or Forget-Me-Not as your flower. Your birthstone is the true blue gem, sapphire.

Summerset September 2012 Newsletter

Newsletter May 2010

May 2010 – Summer Times


Move over February with your Valentine’s Day! There is love in the air at Summerset every month. When the artist John Paul Young, in 1977, sang his disco song, “Love is in the Air”, people really felt like they truly had “feathered hearts”, light and floatable with love.

Summerset May 2010 Newsletter

Newsletter - 2010

April 2010 – Summer Times


Have you ever dressed up for a ball and everything seemed to have gone your way? Your dress is beautiful your shoe’s look and feel wonderful, your hair is in place and gorgeous and has given you just the crown you needed. Everything was right with the world.

Summerset April 2010 Newsletter

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