Memory Care and Special Care

Special Adult Care services by Summerset Assisted Living

Summerset Assisted Living Center in Atlanta, Georgia offers special care and memory care programs for individuals with memory impairments. We believe that each individual staying with us should experience the same high-quality and individualized assisted living service, regardless of their circumstances. Our special care and memory care programs seek to ensure attentive, quality assistance for each of our guests with memory impairments.

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Special Care

Memory Lane Program

Our Memory Lane special care program provides assistance and care for those who may suffer from memory impairments, such as Alzheimer’s or Dementia. Each resident in Summerset’s Memory Lane Program shares the basic services and amenities offered to all of our assisted living residents, as well as special activities developed by the Sunshine Club.

Memory Care Activities

All of the activities provided at Summerset are focused on providing appropriate amounts of stimulation and exercise, allowing residents to enjoy their daytime and nighttime hours. With the daily activities provided by our memory lane program, our residents are encouraged to maintain interests and relationships, remember fond moments, and continue to express themselves. The stimulating activities provided by the Sunshine Club and assisted living community can help people with memory impairments feel engaged, stimulate memories, make emotional connections, calm anxiety, and lessen irritability. Some of the activities our residents enjoy include the following:

  • arts and crafts
  • visits from special guests
  • music and games
  • dance programs

Memory Lane: Levels of Memory Care

There are two levels of memory care available in the Memory Lane program. These two levels help us to create a more personalized care program for each resident depending on the amount of assistance with various activities of daily living (ADL’s) they need. Several behaviors are common in those with memory impairments, including non-conformance, wandering, and resistive behavior. Not every resident will experience these, and many behaviors tend to progress with time. These three behaviors are also considered when determining the level of memory care needed.

Special Care Program Level 1:

Our Alzheimer’s care facility offers quality care and assistance to residents who may be in the beginning stages of memory loss and who need assistance with up to two ADL’s. There may be a moderate degree of repetition, disorientation, and forgetfulness. Often, all it takes to comfort someone in this state is to have their days planned with appropriate and meaningful activities. The Sunshine Club, our structured entertainment and activities program, does a great job with doing just that.

Extra Special Care Program Level 2:

The second level of our memory care program simply provides additional assistance and attention to those with an increased stage of memory loss. Many of those in level 2 of our memory care program require assistance for 3-4 ADL’s. This level of care focuses more specifically on enhancing the quality of life for residents with more developed cases of Dementia.

Compassionate Alzheimer’s Care and Dementia Care

We know the value of compassionate care in assisted living communities, regardless of memory impairment. However, we understand compassion is of particular concern with the families of Alzheimer’s care and Dementia care residents. We strive to create an environment that encourages the dignity of all of our seniors, as we emphasize patience and understanding. That’s what separates Summerset apart as Atlanta’s trusted Alzheimer’s care and Dementia care facility.

Our Staff and Assisted Living Community

A resident in Summerset’s Memory Lane program may benefit from the sensitivity and training of our staff. Our assisted living community is equipped to be the best environment for your loved one throughout the day, and our caretakers tend to each resident’s special needs for Alzheimer’s care, Dementia care, or other memory-related impairments. Depending on the level of care a resident needs, Summerset will tailor a Special Care Plan that incorporates the resident’s needs and desires to provide for a most pleasant day. Whether it’s games, gardening, other activities, or just sharing a comforting smile, Summerset provides your loved ones with an engaging, loving, and safe place to live.

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