State of The Art Suites

Feel Right at Home at Summerset Assisted Living Community

At Summerset Assisted Living Community, we know how important it is that the place you live feels like home—especially in your retirement where your rest and comfort are well deserved. That’s why we strive to provide family-style living to all of the residents. Our community facilities are characterized by plentiful natural light and comfortable suites. Not to mention, we’re committed to making the accommodations and services provided by our assisted living community just as attractive as our assisted living apartments. We offer services like cleaning, laundry, and 24-hour emergency call systems, taking the mundane aspects of life off your hands so you can enjoy a retirement filled with new adventures and plenty of relaxation. 

Our Suite Options

We offer 3 different assisted living room options to choose from.

Single Occupancy Suite

Our single occupancy suites are the perfect size for those wanting a comfortable, cozy room. With this floor plan, there’s plenty of room for independence and customizing your new space.



Deluxe Suite 

Our deluxe suite is designed to accommodate those who are looking for a more spacious bedroom. It features a larger bed than the single occupancy suite, with more space to move around and decorate.

Suite Floor Plan

Super Deluxe Suite

The super deluxe suite provides a larger space for you and your partner. 

If you have any quetsions about our floor plans, give us a call or schedule a tour!


Benefits of Senior Housing at Summerset Assisted Living


There used to be a negative connotation about moving to an elderly housing facility, but that stigma really needs to go away. The retirement apartments at Summerset feel more like a hotel vacation than anything unpleasant. When you move to the senior citizen housing at Summerset, you can have the best life you always wanted.

Beyond the quality of our senior apartments themselves, Summerset Assisted Living provides many other benefits to our residents. Our community offers all the comforts of home, plus luxury and convenient facilities and amenities. Whether you prefer to spend your time alone or in the company of others, you’ll enjoy our gardens and courtyards, scheduled transportation, special community entertainment, chapel services, and more. To learn more about our facilities and services, visit our assisted living amenities page!

Making Your Assisted Living Apartment Feel Like Home

At Summerset Assisted Living Community, we want to make sure all of our accommodations bring convenience and ease to your lifestyle. We go beyond just the activities and services assisted living can provide and pay attention to the small details. We understand that it’s the community, environment, and culture that can make a difference when it comes to making your new assisted living home truly feel like home.

You can schedule a tour at Summerset Assisted Living Community today to meet our friendly community and see our facilities first hand!