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Alzheimer’s Care

Alzheimer’s Care at Summerset Assisted Living Community

Do you have a loved one who is dealing with memory loss and needs Alzheimer’s care? Memory loss in any form is scary and often difficult to process for those living with Alzheimer’s. Our family-style care focuses on your loved one and makes sure that they are comfortable. Our Alzheimer’s caregivers take memory care seriously and the staff at Summerset Assisted Living is trained to help your loved ones with daily tasks and aid them with their needs while respecting their wishes.

When Should I Consider Moving My Loved on to Alzheimer’s Care?

The decision to transition a loved one into Alzheimer’s care is a difficult one—but it could also be the best choice for both of you. After initial diagnosis, it’s common for those with Alzheimer’s to continue living at home until they require more assistance than themselves and those they live with can provide.

Familiar, comfortable environments are important for those with Alzheimer’s to feel safe—however, as the disease progresses, behaviors that could put themselves and others at risk of harm are more common. This means that a higher level of assistance and care is needed to prevent, for example, wandering and dangerous misuse of common household items.

Four Questions to Ask When Considering Alzheimer’s Care for Your Loved One

It’s important that those with Alzheimer’s have access to 24-hour care as health and safety become more of a concern. If you’re considering helping your loved one find an Alzheimer’s care facility, here are four questions to help you make the decision:

  1. Are they displaying behaviors that are unsafe for them or those around them, such as wandering and aggression?
  2. Would the community of an assisted living facility be beneficial?
  3. Have you felt exhausted and burnt out, making it difficult to be patient?
  4. Are you able to provide the time and emotional/physical support necessary for caring for those with Alzheimer’s?

Our Memory Lane Program

Our Alzheimer’s care is part of the second level of care in our Memory Lane program. In this program, there are specific activities created to best benefit your loved one by providing a healthy amount of exercise and stimulation. Our two levels of special care are designed to assist your loved one, depending on their needs.

Alzheimer’s Care Activities Provided by the Memory Lane Program

Exercise and stimulating activities can help people with Alzheimer’s feel engaged and express themselves. They have various health benefits, like reducing irritability and jogging memories, and can help your loved enjoy the things they love. Some activities that you might consider include:

  • playing music
  • doing puzzles
  • looking through books or reading
  • watching family videos

Speak with a Caregiver About Our Alzheimer’s Care Assisted Living Options

With sympathetic, trained Alzheimer’s caregivers, your loved ones are in good hands. For more information about our Alzheimer’s Care and other memory-related services, contact Summerset Assisted Living today at (470) 231-2357.

Schedule a tour today! (470) 231-2357

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