Have a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season!

It’s easy to get wrapped up in all the gifts that the holiday season brings – parties, festive decorations and rich recipes. These distractions make it easy to miss when an elderly loved one may need an adjustment in care. In this month’s blog, we’ll discuss a few tips on how to keep ourselves and our loved ones happy and healthy during the holidays.

Fighting the Holiday Blues

Feelings of isolation, disappointments, stress, shorter days and colder weather can cloud a time when social norms say everyone should be happy. For many seniors, the holidays can be tough. Why?

Christmas Past: Memories can be nice but oftentimes these reminders of the past make them long for their younger years. If a close friend or loved one has died, they can also feel very lonely during the holidays.

Financial Stress: Several senior citizens live on a fixed income. This prevents them from being able to provide the amount of gifts that they were able to in the past.

Celebratory Limitations: Limited mobility hinders movement and makes them feel that they can’t fully celebrate like they want.

When combined, these factors can lead to sadness during the holidays; taking joy from the festive season. While these challenges may not be avoidable, keeping in touch and encouraging open communication can help us all navigate the holiday blues.

Staying Healthy

Tips for a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season
Everyone knows about the dreaded holiday weight. Tasty treats, rich meats and all the associated fixings make it hard to say no to one more bite. While we don’t think you should deprive yourself of some of the season’s best offerings, there are ways to have fun while still sticking to a healthy lifestyle. This is especially important for our senior loved ones. Stay Hydrated: Dehydration in the elderly can lead to hospitalization. Remember to keep water easily accessible and that egg nog and hot chocolate shouldn’t be the only options. Limit Sugar Intake: A little sugar is great but too much can lead to critical health issues; especially for diabetics. Keep fruit and healthier options like sugar-free puddings on the menu. Stay Active: We get it, you have a merry time eating and then you feel so tempted to take a nap. We encourage you and your older relatives to take a walk or show off some dance moves…even if it’s only for 15 minutes. Rest: Don’t push too far. It’s hard to say no to holiday invites but rest and time to reset can be just as important as spending time with others during the holidays. And, it never hurts to keep our senior loved ones involved. Remember, they enjoy being part of the process and making decisions, too.

Summerset’s Approach

At Summerset, we know that our residents all have individual needs and expectations for the holidays. They each have cherished traditions and diverse family backgrounds. For our part, we try to make the holiday season a festive and enjoyable time. By planning seasonal activities, hosting holiday events, and encouraging visits from friends and family, we feel that our residents are happy and healthy throughout the busy holiday season.  And as always,Summerset Assisted Living Community manages the health and well-being of all guests on an individual basis. Each guest is provided access to seasonal nutritious meal plans, social activities, medical treatment and transportation to doctor’s visits as often as they need. Our staff prides itself on caring for each individual and their needs year round. At Summerset, regardless of level of care, we make it our mission to make each resident feel that they are home away from home when they come through our doors. If you have any questions about our assisted living program or more, give us a call at 470-231-2357 or come take a tour. You can also visit our website to learn more about Summerset’s Assisted Living Program. Don’t forget to follow us on social media and sign up for our blog to stay up to date.