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Summerset Assisted Living Community prides itself on being our residents’ Home Away from Home. We make it a priority to make all our guests, rather long-term or short-term, feel comfortable while staying with us.  While most of our residents stay in our community full-time, our Respite Care Program provides an as-needed option for others who don’t need 24-hour care every day.

Why You Should Consider Respite Care

Respite care can serve as a reprieve of sorts; giving caregivers time off the clock.

Caregiver Data Supports the Need for Respite Care. Consider the following data–a 2015 AARP report found that when caregivers aren’t taking care of loved ones, 60% of them work outside the home. In addition, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports that those caring for children and aging parents spend about 1,350 hours a year helping their parents and children. And, about 75% of these caregivers work outside the home. That’s a lot of responsibility, time and energy in any given year.

Life gets Hectic and Caregivers Need a Reasonable Option for Support. During the fall in particular, families switch gears and schedules become a little more hectic. Caregivers with full-time jobs and school-aged children, have commitments that take them away from home. They have to travel for work, keep up with out-of-town extra-curricular activities and sometimes they just want to take a short trip to their favorite football team’s big rival game. Respite care is a worry-free option that allows these caregivers to leave their loved one in professional care while they are out of town. This time away also gives caregivers a chance to relax and recharge; avoiding the dreaded caregiver burnout.

Safety Becomes a Priority During Unforeseen Events and Emergencies. While this blog has focused on caregiver support, respite care may become an option for families who monitor their elderly loved ones from different cities or states. For example, if an impending natural event like hurricanes or snowstorms might place an aging loved one in danger, respite care in a community like Summerset can be a safe place for them to ride out the storm until they can return home.

Summerset’s Respite Care Program

The Summerset Respite Care Program offers the same quality family style care provided throughout our Assisted Living Program. Respite Care offers a safe and attentive environment for those persons in need of assistance for a limited amount of time.

Additional Information. As you consider care options for your loved one, you can rest assured that Summerset’s premiere community is one where guests will enjoy an environment that makes them feel at home. Learn more about Summerset.

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