The Top 3 Reasons You Should Consider Adult Day Care

It’s the perfect choice in an imperfect situation. While most seniors prefer to always be in the comfort of their homes and in control of their schedules, adult day care is a fair middle ground for families seeking alternatives to in-home care during the day.

At Summerset Assisted Living Community, we offer adult day care as an option for families seeking an alternative to full-time care. Our premiere program offers a safe and friendly environment for our guests. While that fact alone may be a good starting place when considering adult day care, we wanted to give you three reasons that will help you plan for your loved one’s daily care.


1. Flexibility for Your Family

We get it all the time. “We definitely need help making sure Mom is fine but we’re just not ready to commit to something full-time. Mom wants to stay in her home and sleep in her bed.”

At Summerset, we totally understand this and that’s why adult day care may be a great alternative to enrolling your loved one as a full-time resident. Adult day care is an option that offers daily care seven days a week from 8 am until 6 pm. However, guests are not restricted to committing to those times. We work with families to create schedules for their loved ones.

In our opinion, this flexibility sounds like a win-win. You, the caregiver, can work or take care of other responsibilities and your loved one can have time away from home.

2. Your Peace of Mind

It’s a worry-free option. Let us help you manage the daytime care of your loved one. Because we take a personal, customer focused approach to our services, you can be at ease knowing that your loved one will be in great care during the day. We take care of each guest by following a structured system to address all of their personal needs.

3. Your Loved One’s Well-being

We take pride in taking care of all aspects of a guest’s welling at Summerset. Our approach provides healthy food options, professional administration of medications and a tailored activities program, the Sunshine Club, which keeps our guests physically and socially active.

As you consider care options for your loved one, you can rest assured that Summerset’s premiere adult day care is a lively day program where guests will have a little fun during the day, meet new friends and enjoy an environment that makes them feel at home. Learn more about Summerset’s Adult Day Care Program and Sunshine Club.

Questions about Paying for Adult Day Care? If your loved one is a veteran or survivor, VA benefits may cover the cost of our program. Contact us to learn more about this payment option.

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